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San Gallery | Group Exhibition


San Gallery , Tainan

Exhibiton date

2023.02.04 Sat. - 2023.03.04 Sat.

Opening reception

2023.02.11 Sat. 15 : 00 - 17 : 00

Viewing time 

Tue. - Sat. 10 : 00 - 19 : 00

Event page

Similarities :  Co-exhibition of 6 Artists

Participating Artists : Got-Jer Wang, Chien-Jung Chen, Lu-Chia Chao, Julia Hung, Jui-Wen Tan

Similar, alike, or comparable. Similar people and things often find one another.

Groups may be identical or similar but they do not need to be the same. Those who are able to relate to each other stay together, but they can be different.

“Abstractionism” is not only extracting the elements of an object. It is the “refining” or “reflection” of the essence of an object. The focus of abstractionism is not only the meaning of the object (abstract presentation/low geometry) or the reaction to the object, it is the wide range of possibilities between the two.

Julia Hung’s artworks are presented as the only three-dimensional pieces of this exhibition. Different from conventional and traditional sculptures, she makes her art intuitively without consciously planning the overall shape and structure. As Hung describes, she “uses crocheting techniques which she learned at a young age from her grandmother to carefully weave stiff metal fibers into silky, organic forms. Her net-like creations, which radiate warmth from every knotted strand of bright, translucent copper, exude a unique sense of space, as if encapsulating an entire self-sufficient microcosm. At the outset of the creative process, she simply follows her instincts, without a desired form in mind, weaving over and over in seemingly random fashion until each piece comes to life”.

As she meticulously weaves enameled copper wire, she explores through a sensation of familiarity, as if these afterimages from her memories shape the creations of ‘Déjà Vu’. By maneuvering through the construction, reverberation, and reformation of external materials, Hung invokes her inner thoughts and mysterious cosmography into sculptural forms.

Differences between living things create harmony and the perseverance of life. This has always been the way of life throughout history and the rule behind art.

This exhibition by “San Gallery” is based on the abstractionism of modern paintings. Creators from 6 different generations, Got-Jer Wang, Chien-Jung Chen, Lu-Chia Chao, Julia Hung, Jui-Wen Tan, were carefully selected to turn “different objects co-existing” into creations that lean towards life, cities, and nature with organic meanings and symbolism. The artists use abstract imagery and dynamic lines to make diverse connections, observing and reflecting on the interactions between everything.

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