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Pingtung Art Exhibition

2020 Pingtung Fine Arts Exhibition


Pingtung Art Museum, Pingtung County

Exhibition date

2020.11.08 Sun. - 2020.12.20 Sun.


Inter-symbiosis presents important themes in Julia’s artistic development. It is mainly made of post-consumer waste - used plastic bags, which pervades our daily life and yet is often overlooked. Julia collects and shapes the material into organic forms that seem to flow in the air to exhibit her belief in animism and that everything is interdependent and interchangeable. This artificial organic form is seemingly chaotic and encourages viewers to form different associations in mind. However, when it is viewed from a certain angle, its negative and positive spaces compose the yin-yang symbol of Tai-Chi. It promotes balance and ideal symbioses between nature, technology, and culture in today’s society. Julia aspires to provide alternative thinking and promote multifaceted perspective in art and in life.

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