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Airy Disk

River Art Gallery


River Art Gallery , Taichung

Exhibiton date

2024.06.15 Sat. - 2024.08.03 Sat.

Viewing time 

Tue. - Sat. 13 : 30 - 18 : 30

Event Page

The new group show “Airy Disk,” is featuring six artists, including Korean artist Lili Lee, Polish artist Magdalena Gluszak–Holeksa who makes her debut in Taiwan, Chinese artists Amy Hui Li and Xinran Liu who studied art in the UK, as well as the highly acclaimed Taiwanese artist Julia Hung and Japanese artist Tomoko Hasuwa. The show will delve into layers of visual perception through diverse perspectives, inviting viewers to journey through different images into a rich, spiritual dimension, thereby resonating with their own spectrum of life and finding moments of familiarity. The show focus on the process of objects being interpreted by artists and rendered into images to engage in dialogue and interaction with the audience, facilitating an exploration of the interaction between the so-called “body,” “senses,” and “spirit.” As the basic unit of imaging, Airy Disk, like cells, symbolizes the indispensable element of artists in contemporary society. The viewers are invited to seek shared resonance, becoming the focal points of their own life journeys.

Mystic series

Julia Hung's organic and drawing-like copper wire weaving series "Mystic 玄 (Xuan)" explores the fluidity between the visible and invisible, and between being and nothingness.

In Taoist philosophy, the concepts of "nothingness 無 (wu)" and "being 有 (you)" are expressed differently but originate from the same source and are collectively referred to as "mystic 玄 (Xuan).” Although being and nothingness seem opposite, they are actually interchangeable and interdependent, much like how white is hidden within white and revealed in black, and vice versa.

Through the use of black and white and the interplay of light and shadow, the artist defines and dissolves the forms of her works within space, flowing between the visible and the invisible. This also embodies the coexisting nature of being and nothingness, highlighting how perception is constantly being shaped and reshaped.

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