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Wonders & Wonderers


Artist Julia Hung dedicates this display to the wonders that awe us and the curious wonderers that never cease to explore. These essential elements of life take our breath away and inspire new perspectives. Hung’s limited edition sculpture ’In the Mood for Egg?’ and its augmented reality experience are displayed along with her copper wire series for viewers to wonder and seek.

Through her copper wire series, Hung raises questions towards the reality and possibility of free will, discussing and reflecting on subjective free will as well as thought processes that go into the creation of an artwork. When working with metal, Hung softens its common association to coldness and rigidness by applying methods inspired by her grandmother’s crocheting techniques. She treats metal material as silk threads, gently and finely weaving them into organic, semi-translucent copper wire sculptures, creating rather unique spatial sensations. She attempts at expressing how nature, nurture, and memories are all entangled in our thread of consciousness – influencing our decision-making at all moments.

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