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Aquachroma series


Collected and displaying at Ji-An Japanese Restaurant.

‘Aquachroma’ symbolizes the colors within water, using abstract hues that evoke the vibrant and beautiful scenery submerged in water.

Starting from the leftmost piece, "Ji / Utmost," it resembles the exuberant aurora borealis emitting its rainbow glow or fish swimming upstream, dedicated to those who strive for excellence in all they do, including Chef Ji-An, the founder and head chef of Ji-An Japanese Restaurant.

In the middle, "You / Leisurely," depicts a fish leisurely gliding through the water, capturing the feeling of being in a state of flow while creating or doing what one loves.

On the far right, "Hui / Revolve," portrays two fish swirling, symbolizing unbreakable connections between individuals who will find each other no matter how many times they may reincarnate. It also signifies the belief that the connoisseurs visiting here will return again to savour the exquisite taste.

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