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In "21g," Julia Hung explores how the human pursuit of control through standardization overlooks nuanced qualities. The Ancient Greeks, exemplified by Lachesis, one of the Fates, embraced life's measurable nature, illustrating humanity's fixation on measurement. Dr. Duncan MacDougall's 20th-century experiment, linking soul weight to '21 grams,' intrigues Hung due to the symbolism of standardization tools in both the Hindu-Arabic numeral system and metric system. Today's pervasive reliance on measurement neglects qualitative aspects, and "21g" invites reflection on the impact of this quantification obsession, exploring overlooked complexities in the standardization of the intricate tapestry of human experience.

Déjà Vu series


Déjà vu, as Wayne Gerard Trotman puts it, is the "remembrance of the future." Inspired by the enigmatic nature of déjà vu, artist Julia Hung creates a new series, building on her exploration of free will. Throughout the series runs a fundamental question: does the creative process have the power to tap into déjà vu? If it indeed mingles the familiar with the unfamiliar, why can it not ‘reconstruct’ future recollections?


Taoyuan Fine Arts Exhibition 2023


Taoyaun Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyaun 

"Tao" is seen as the origin of all things, indescribable yet inherently present. Rooted in Taoist philosophy, Julia Hung's art contemplates the primal essence of creation, exploring the potential return to a pure, unadorned state. Using copper wire, her sculptures play with perceptions of black and white, embodying natural rhythms and life. The interplay of black and white, light and shadow, symbolizes the Taoist duality of "Nothingness" and "Existence," echoing Laozi's profound words: "These two things, same source but different names, together are called mystery." The sculptures, unrestricted by norms, reflect an untamed spirit, encapsulating the essence of initial creation and nature.

Super - Class Copper Wire Beading

2023 Taoyuan Creative Expo


Chung Yuan Culture And Creative Park,Taoyuan


Julia Hung believes that the evolution of a community is not defined by personal possessions but by the collective willingness to share. Through a mosaic of diverse perspectives and thriving connections, growth unfolds. She conducts a workshop using copper wire and beads, symbolizing communication cables and today’s non-stop electronic message bubbles. Participants wire and weave beads into mini-bags, emphasizing community and interpersonal connections beyond mere cables and personal possessions.

Reference:2023 Taoyuan Creative Expo 

Untamed series

Solo Exhibition


Soka Art, Tainan


In the kaleidoscopic world of artistic expression, does the concept of a 'creative origin' truly exist? And if it does, can anything return to its pure, original form? Julia Hung’s latest series Untamed explores the concept of our original state. Drawing inspiration from Taoist philosophy, where the Tao represents the origin and essence of all things, Hung conveys a disregard for norms and a spirit of unbridled freedom. She achieves this through asymmetric structures and organic lines. The resulting visual rhythm generates a sense of natural fluidity and primordial essence, echoing Brian McGreevy's quote, 'The dreamer's untamed eye sees beyond illusions to the heart of what is real.' Hung's art transcends restrictive conventional frameworks, embracing multiple perspectives. Free to intermingle with space, light, and shadow, her colorful, gossamer creations pulsate visually to their own authentic beat.