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Collected by Hotel Indigo Alishan

Inspired by the ever-changing beauty of the four seasons in Alishan, artist Julia Hung's artwork, 'Infinite,' weaves a rich landscape using intricate copper wire sculptures displayed at Alishan Indigo Hotel. As the artwork rotates, spring, summer, autumn, and winter unfold before your eyes, capturing the fleeting beauty of each season. Spring is depicted with blooming wisteria and a mild sky, showcasing the charm of Alishan as the 'Purple Mountain City.' Summer features the vibrant orange and blue hues of the abundant Japanese iris flowers, representing the passion and freedom of the season. Alishan's renowned autumn maple leaves are depicted in subtle shades of red-brown, reminiscent of walking beside a maple leaf-strewn railway. As for winter, Alishan welcomes guests with a majestic offering of boundless snow-white beauty, shimmering like falling snow. The emerald green portrays the tenacious vitality of evergreen trees even in the harsh cold, symbolizing enduring resilience. The continuous change of the four seasons reflects the never-ending nature of Alishan Indigo Hotel, just like the boundless treasures of Alishan's natural ecology.

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