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Debris series

Julia Hung believes the word ‘debris’ doesn’t have any positive or negative annotation. Everything would eventually become debris. What kind of influence and debris would human leave behind this world?

Hung crochets post-consumer wastes into organic shapes that abstractly resemble sea creatures. The vivid colors are alternated with blocks of white to represent the phenomena of coral bleaching. At the same time, to re-examine how human beings are affected by today’s standardized culture and losing our own unique colors. The artificial material of used PET bottle, plastic bag, and clothing are cut into strips and then crocheted into a sculpture without any adhesive. Hung learns the crocheting technique from her grandmother when she was little. The crocheting process is also healing and meditative for the artist. To echo the Debris theme, The artist leaves the buttons and labels from the old clothing to let them appear on the sculpture to showcase the material and the emotional connection with human.

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